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Anytime we have a problem, they're very quick to get out here and get things up and running, or just fix it remotely, he said. They're very professional about what they do.
John Cox
It seemed like they were more interested in seeing how we did business than in getting
our business.
Sheri Porter
Lakeshore Fittings


Give us a call using our toll free number for questions about anything Red Five has to offer. 1-877-890-RED5 (7335)

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West Michigan Computer & IT Solutions

Is your business at the crossroads of whether or not to hire a full-time IT Administrator or bring someone in on a part-time basis? Have you been frustrated by not knowing if you’ll be able to send email, access an important file or print a time-sensitive proposal because your network is down? Are you constantly wasting time wading through and deleting tons of spam each day? Has another virus killed your productivity for the day?

If so, consider contacting us. We will give you a technical evaluation of your current network, your current IT ‘needs’ and help you decide whether or not it makes sense to use our services.

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FREE! On-site walk
through and follow-up proposal
Call: 1-877-890-RED5 (7335)

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